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White Hall Video

White Hall Plantation in Jasper County is well known to HFA members as a residence of Thomas Heyward  (1746 – 1809), a signer of the Declaration of Independence. It’s been the site of several reunions, most recently in 2017. Currently the property is managed as a hunting reserve.

Kin Heyward has recently made a short video of White Hall, including aerial views. It can be seen here.
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No Heyward Reunion in 2020

The annual Heyward Family Reunion, traditionally observed on the second Saturday after Easter, will not be held this year.

The reason is the nation-wide prohibition of such gatherings because of the coronavirus pandemic. When the prohibition went into effect, the HFA board had made tentative arrangements for a reunion site, assuming the reunion date would be April 25. After the prohibition, the board considered holding the reunion or a similar gathering in the fall of 2020. However, because of the uncertainties surrounding the prohibition, nothing is currently planned.

The tradition of the Heyward family newsletter, however, will continue this year and registered family members should expect them to arrive soon in their mailboxes.

White Hall and Old House: Their Intertwined Histories

White Hall plantation, site of this year’s Heyward reunion, is an important place in our family’s history. It was once the home of Thomas Heyward, Jr (1746- 1809), signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Close by is another plantation site of equal family significance, Old House. It was the residence of Thomas’s father, Daniel Heyward (1720 – 1777). Guests at the 2017 reunion can easily check out the Old House site. Continue reading