Reunion – 2022

Members of the Heyward Family Association board of directors met January 8 at the home of Jane Brown in Charleston. Presiding over the meeting was HFA president Leslie Heyward (formerly known as Leslie Smodic).

A major topic of discussion was the annual HFA reunion, a tradition going back decades. The reunion is held annually on the second Saturday after Easter, somewhere in the South Carolina low country, sometimes at a site of family significance. This website has pictures and reports about past HFA reunions going back to 1988.

There has been no Heyward reunion for the past two years because of the Covid pandemic. This year a reunion is planned for April 30, 2022. A tentative site near Yemassee SC has been selected and will be announced later.

Updates to the reunion plan will be posted on this website under the heading Family Blog.

2 thoughts on “Reunion – 2022

  1. bob Fitzsimmons

    Thanks, Bill,

    This year’s reunion promises to be special, after missing out two years in a row. I hope everyone who reads this will make an effort to attend- and to bring cousins who either haven’t been in a while, or who have never been.

    Bob FitzSimons

  2. Bob Fitzsimons

    It looks like Bill Hamilton has overcome the frustrations of website management once again. The HFA website is getting a little old and creaky ( like many Heyward cousins) but it is up and running. I hope cousins who see this will make plans to come to the reunion.

    Bob FitzSimons


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