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Heyward Cousins,

We are excited about the endless possibilities on our new family website. For an extended family as large as ours, this is the best way one could imagine to keep family members informed of our history, our Reunions, and newsworthy items within the Heyward confines. To date, the last, mostly complete, family history, was written in 1925! I refer to “Heyward”, or “The Red Book”, as dubbed by family members. It continues to give us a great education on the importance of the Heyward family in North American/South Carolina/U.S. history.

This website is designed to bring us up-to-date, as well as, to communicate and share with one another. We desire to reach any family members who have lost contact or who never knew we existed. It will also be a fantastic tool to help promote and perpetuate our annual family Reunions. Our Reunions were officially established in 1937 and are still going strong some 78 years later!

We applaud cousin Ralston Mingledorff (mother, Marjory Heyward) for developing this website and cousin William Hamilton (uncle, Thomas deSaussure Furman), for compiling the genealogy. These are both tedious undertakings. I can safely speak for the whole family in expressing our deepest gratitude. Now, please feel free to supply additional data to ensure each branch of our extended family is properly represented on our massive and growing family tree.

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Your kinsman,

Jim Glover
President, Heyward Family Association

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