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Lost Heywards


I am currently working on the genealogies of branches of the family that we have lost contact with.  James Barnwell Heyward’s “Red Book” has been a great starting point and I have gotten information from, but would like to bring the family record up to date on these lost branches.  I am currently working on the lines of the descendants of Anne Miles Heyward (1757-1820) who married Thomas Gibbons of Savannah (former Mayor of Savannah), GA).  Thomas moved to Elizabethtown, NJ and Anne ended up back in Savannah.  Their children were: Anne Heyward Gibbons (married John M. Trumbull), William Heyward Gibbons, Thomas Heyward Gibbons and Hannah Gibbons (died young).  Anne and John Trumbull’s descendants include the families of Isham, McAllister, Lathrop, Ripley and Wheelwright.

I’m also working on the line of Maria Miles Heyward (1784-1862) who married William Drayton (1776-1846) of Charleston, SC.  This family moved to Philadelphia.  Col. Drayton was a member of Congress from 1825-1833 and apparently the move to Philadelphia was a politically motivated one.  William and Maria had at least five children and two were known to have children.

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Welcome to the Heyward Family Association website

Heyward Cousins,

We are excited about the endless possibilities on our new family website. For an extended family as large as ours, this is the best way one could imagine to keep family members informed of our history, our Reunions, and newsworthy items within the Heyward confines. To date, the last, mostly complete, family history, was written in 1925! I refer to “Heyward”, or “The Red Book”, as dubbed by family members. It continues to give us a great education on the importance of the Heyward family in North American/South Carolina/U.S. history.
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