Genealogical Database Status – December 2014

  • As of December 2014, the database contained 1,934 individuals, including most of the first eight generations of descendants. It also holds 163 photos and nine histories.
  • Branches C (Nathaniel Heyward) and E (Margaret Heyward Glover) are nearly complete through Generation 9, where Generation 1 is defined as Daniel Heyward, the immigrant. Generation 9 contains descendants and spouses, but not their children (who, obviously, would be in Generation 10). The main source of data for the C-Branch has been Thomas DeSaussure Furman’s Ancestors and Descendants of Nathaniel Heyward (1766 – 1851). Nearly all individuals in the E-Branch have been taken from a draft of James Bolan Glover V’s Colonial Governor William Glover and His Descendants.
  • There are 70 living (or possibly living) people in the database. Identities of these individuals are not visible to unregistered site visitors.
  • Priorities for future work include:
    • Bringing the A-Branch down to Generation 9.
    • Adding pictures.
    • Adding biographical information about notable descendants.
    • Noting as many sources as possible and resolving conflicts between sources.
    • Adding web pages giving an overview of Heyward family history.
    • Adding web pages that give historical context to the Heyward family in the colonial and pre-Civil War eras.

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