Tom Furman

Who was Tom Furman?

How related to Heywards.


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  1. Bill Hamilton

    Thomas DeSaussure Furman (b. 1915) was genealogist for the Heyward Family Association from the mid-1980’s until his death in 2008. He spent a lifetime researching early South Carolina families, including the Heywards. He grew up in Easley, SC, graduated from The Citadel, served as a naval officer in World War II and spent most of his working career as a professor of civil engineering at the University of Florida.

    Tom Furman was a grandson of Caroline Simmons Heyward (1851 – 1916), who was a great-grand-daughter of Nathaniel Heyward (1766 – 1851), head of the Heyward family’s C-branch.


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