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Story of Old House

In 1980, culminating years of effort by Judge N. Heyward Clarkson,  the Heyward Foundation transferred ownership of the Old House property and grave site to Jasper County in hopes that they would improve and maintain the site.

By 1994 when I was elected president of the Heyward Family Association,   Jasper County had done little to improve or maintain the Old House site.   Several of us on the Association board approached the Jasper County Council and proposed establishing the Thomas Heyward Site Committee to oversee a restoration of the property. In particular that included extensive feeding and pruning of the avenue of oak trees and restoring the cemetary wall and headstones. I served as the Heyward representative on the Committee. After many months, meetings and work, we achieved what we set out to do. (See article, 1994 NL, scroll to p.7)
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